Why You need to invest in perrysburg ohio

Perrysburg Ohio,  part of the Toledo metropolitan area, is a medium-sized town located on the southern side of the Maumee River. 

With a steadily growing population of over 25,000 as of the last census, Perrysburg has an average yearly population growth rate of 0.4%, which is higher than the state average. The area, therefore, has plenty of people to support a bustling little economy. Residents enjoy a denser suburban atmosphere with plenty of restaurants, cafes, and culture. The city has experienced reasonably strong growth in population and wealth, making it an excellent location for investors to purchase commercial property. 

One of Perrysburg’s many benefits is its proximity to Toledo. Located just eleven miles from downtown Toledo, it’s a breezy commute along the picturesque Maumee River. This opens up a broad spectrum of employment, education, entertainment, and healthcare options for residents. It’s also made it possible for Perrysburg to evolve into the highly desirable area it has recently become.

commercial real estate is more than just retail properties

Commercial Property is More than Retail

Commercial real estate is more than just retail properties. It can be any property from which a business is run including retail, offices, industrial properties, education facilities, aged care properties, and multifamily properties. Perrysburg Ohio is home to a large array of commercial properties. Get in touch with a team member of Reichle Klein Group, a commercial property brokerage, for more information on current and upcoming listings that may suit your investment goals. 

commercial real estate in ohio, target areas with strong buying markets

Perrysburg Ohio has a Strong Median Income

Perrysburg, Ohio is considered a higher-end suburb of Toledo. With a median household income of $121,932, and the majority of residents being homeowners, most households have extra spending capital. 

When it comes to commercial real estate in Ohio, you want to target areas that have strong local buying markets that will support your tenants, and Perrysburg certainly delivers.

The schools in perrysburg are exceptionally high ranking

Education in Perrysburg Ohio

The schools in Perrysburg are exceptionally high ranking, currently listed as the ninth-best district in Ohio. Top elementary schools include Toth Elementary School, Frank Elementary School, Fort Meigs Elementary School, and Woodland Elementary School. The highest-rated middle school is Perrysburg Junior High School, followed by Hull Prairie Intermediate School. Perrysburg High School is ranked as the best public school in the county and its students have high testing scores with an exceptional graduation rate of 96%. Needless to say, Perrysburg’s primary and secondary education options leave little wanting.

Owens college offers a great local community college option for young students and adults looking to forward their education. Bowling Green State University is a nearby research university in neighboring Toledo that offers a great local option for higher education. Within 60 miles of Toledo, there are over 30 other higher education schools supporting over 100,000 students in an incredible variety of fields from engineering to the humanities. 

Education draws residents, visitors, and businesses to Perrysburg, contributing to it being a highly desirable region for investors in commercial real estate.

Great access to Toledo and the Eugene F. Kranz Toledo Express Airport


The Perrysburg town center is positioned just off Interstate I-75 for easy access to Toledo, but also the larger neighboring metros of Detroit and Cleveland. Detroit is just over an hour away, so Perrysburg residents can access its employment, education, healthcare, and travel opportunities. Cleveland is just a little further, approximately 110 miles to the east. 

On top of great access to Toledo’s metropolitan area, there is the added benefit of the Eugene F. Kranz Toledo Express Airport, which provides quick and easy connections to O’Hare International Airport and therefore the rest of the world. This also provides an excellent option for local freight. 

Transportation and larger city access are huge contributors to the Perrysburg local economy, therefore impacting commercial real estate returns. Because of the ongoing revival of these cities, we expect to see Perrysburg experience even stronger growth in the coming years.

rent is rising in both multifamily and commercial properties

Commercial Real Estate Appreciation

The United States has been experiencing historic levels of inflation over the past two years. Fortunately for property owners, this has contributed to rising rents in both multifamily and commercial properties. With the rise of rents and quickly declining Cap rates, property values have been quickly appreciating. 

What all real estate investors know (and anyone considering diving into real estate investing should know) is that property tends to benefit from inflation. In fact, real estate is known as one of the best hedges against inflation. 

Even investors who aren’t benefitting from large amounts of cash flow are seeing fantastic returns in the form of capital appreciation.

Cap rates in perrysburg ohio are still considerably higher in many areas

Cash Flow with High Cap Rates

Despite being a strong market for investment, cap rates in Perrysburg, Ohio, are still considerably higher than in many areas of the state. Investors can still expect to get over 5%, which is unheard of in many areas of the country in these current market conditions. 

A higher cap rate usually indicates a higher cash-on-cash return and more money in a buyer’s pocket each month. If you’re not sure how cap rates work in commercial real estate investing, get in touch with a member of our team of highly experienced commercial property brokers. We’d be happy to run you through different investment options and discuss their projected earnings. 

Investing in commercial property in perrysburg oh has become more challenging

Limited Options Available

Scarcity is continuing to drive prices higher. Investing in commercial property in Perrysburg, OH, has become increasingly challenging. That’s why it’s essential to work with a highly experienced commercial property broker like Reichle Klein Group. 

Not only will we be able to show you current listings, but we are the first to know of upcoming and off-market listings.

Invest in Commercial Real Estate in Perrysburg Ohio

Perrysburg is a secondary market that has tons to offer commer real esate investors

While it may appear small when compared to its much larger benefits, Perrysburg is a secondary market that has tons to offer commercial real estate investors. The area is well-positioned for strong growth in the coming years and commercial real estate assets will surely benefit. 

Reach out to a member of our team for more information on commercial real estate investing in Perrysburg and the Toledo area. This is not a market you want to miss out on!